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When Vultures Dance

when vultures dance

Wall Street... where fortunes are made and lost, reputations can be gone in a New York minute and where VULTURES, hunt for prey. They deal in the high stakes trading of distressed companies. Like the raptors they're named for, they swoop down, pick at the remains, sometimes turning companies around at the expense of many jobs but mostly sell off the parts which are usually more valuable than the sum.

Into this atmosphere of survival of the fittest steps Seth Farragut, a young hedge fund manager who is more than a type A "vulture" investor. Although he has made many decisions that all too easily cost others their jobs, he has begun to re-think his life. Seth,who lives in Greenwich Connecticut, has long questioned what he is doing, after seeing first-hand the consequence of his actions. He is a loner who plays classical piano, and with encouragement from his college friend Omar, an African American club musician, he begins to redirect his life. When the opportunity comes along he bets everything on a small Chicago manufacturing company, not to break it up for profit, but to rescue it. He meets the beautiful and brilliant Lauren Hayward whose father built the company. Lauren opens him up to love and a life beyond trading and money.

But the ruthless, Colt Murdoch, has his eye on the same company and has no intention of saving it. What will happen WHEN VULTURES DANCE. Insider trading, suicide, and attempted murder happens. Seth is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, and faces years in prison, while the lives and well-being of hundreds of workers hangs in the balance.

All of this plays out against the backdrop of stupendous wealth, the growing divide between the haves and have-nots, and the rule of capitalists over the shrinking blue collar work force. WHEN VULTURES DANCE is ripped from today's headlines, it's exciting, disturbing and its happening right now on Wall Street and coming to cable television soon.