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Hour of The Cat

Hour of the Car Peter Quinn

A simple New York City homicide, not unlike hundreds of others in 1938: a spinster nurse is killed in her apartment , a suspect is caught and convicted. Fintan Dunne, a former NYC Detective now a PI, is lured into the case and coerced by conscience into unraveling the deep dark secrets of a complicated murder that has landed an innocent man on death row, and will soon stretch beyond the crime scene into the heart of Nazi Germany. Because you see it isn't just murder it's war.


"The pacing is tight, the descriptions of New York in the 1930s rich, the characters engaging, and the dialogue pitch perfect. Only a churl could resist"

- Boston Globe

"A chilling history lesson wrapped in a murder mystery... It is the best kind of historical novel, driven by memorable characters, a suspenseful plot, and real-life questions"

- USA Today

"Extremely readable... A Gotham version of Philip Marlowe."

- The Chicago Tribune

"Hour of the Cat is the hour of Peter Quinn's genius. It's been said a million times but I'll say it again: I couldn't put it down."

- Frank McCourt

"Noir to the core... Smart and evocative."

- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"A tingling thriller about a small but significant war between streetwise Yanks and those mean old Nazis."

- Entertainment Weekly